Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How to make Continuous Bias Binding - Photo tutorial

Today we are going to share our process for creating a continuous bias binding. We learned this process from our friend Sandy's youtube video (see below). If you wish to jump directly to that part where she discusses this technique go to 1.50min

We mostly followed her method but did a few tweaks. Here is what we did step by step. 

Step 1
 Take the whole width of the cloth, square the top (straighten the raw edge) and then fold it from one corner to one of the selvedges, forming a triangle. Now cut at the bottom of this triangle.

You will get a perfect square of fabric.

Step 2

Now fold into the triangle again and cut the fold-line to  form two triangles. Place them one on top of other as shown below.

Step 3
Pin the bottom edges together and sew with a quarter inch seam allowance.

You will get the following. Turn the inside up and press the seam allowances apart.

Step 4
Now draw parallel lines (using a grid ruler will be very helpful here) at a distance equal to the width of the bias tape you want. We drew them 1.5inches. Our mistake was that we drew it on the public side of the pieces. The correct way is to draw them on the wrong (the one with the seam) side of the piece.

Now cut away any excess or unstraigtened edges at the end.

Step 5
Now with the public side up, fold the pointed ends towards the seam line. You will get something like below, and you will notice that the parallel lines form contnuous lines actoss the fabric cuts.

Pull the pointed edges in opposite direction away from the pieces so that the next set of parallel lines are aligned. (see below)

Step 6
Now pin in place and sew this diagonal edge with the same quarter inch seam allowance.

You will get this tube wuth two ends sticking out on either side.

Step 7
Start cutting at one of the ends that are shooting out of the tube we just sewed.

Since we already aligned the parallel line, we are going to get one continuous piece of bias binding.


In order to turn this into corded binding, find a matching sewing thread first.

Now get the cord to go in the binding. We did not have one so we used a yarn.

Fold the bias tape lengthwise, matching raw ends, with the seams enclosed within the fold and press. Put the yarn flush with the fold-line and using a zipper foot, start sewing the entire length of the tape you want corded. And wallah!!! You have your own corded binding.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will come back for more in the future. Do let us know if you would like us to make a specific tutorial to help you guys. 

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